Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sometimes you just gotta tell yourself

When you are hesitating whether you are able to do it or not, whether it is doable or not, push yourself, and try it.
And tell yourself, I know this is hard, I know this requires a lot of courage, but see, you're doing it.
It feels different for being able to do things that you might underestimate yourself that you can't do it.
It's not easy to step forward and make a good change for what you wouldn't have done in the past.
Be confident, have the guts and have determination.
There're millions of possibilities you have not tried out.

"Don't fake it till you made it, fake it till you become it." - Amy Cuddy.

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Monday, August 10, 2015

To the hardest

Pushing myself to the hardest level of balancing stress and emotions with responsibilities.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015











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Monday, May 25, 2015

My Kinda Moment

It seems that nobody knows that, i like it that way.
Day with paints all over fingers.
Day with self crafted art piece.
And feeling accomplished for completing an art piece, just because, i enjoy it that way :3

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Birthday

Hello sweetie, I'm back :)
Still a bit not used to blogging because it has been really a longgg time.
I was piled up with works and stuffs.
And yes, I have stepped into the world of career, wee *fireworks*.
Working won't stop you from learning.
You learn more and you learn stuffs that you won't be able to learn during your study period.
I wish I can blog more often because I really do like sharing about my days and stories :)

So this day is my big day - My Birthday :3

Celebrating in advance with my family~
I know people changed, so do I.
Now I prefer more simplicity in life.
When I was small, I prefer a birthday cake as in a real size of cake for few people portion.
But now, I like to pick small dessert cakes.
Large portion cake is too full to eat after dinner :P

On the actual day - With Ber~

He always managed to surprise me without me noticing :3
So that day in the morning, he reached and I be like, "OMG, why so fast so on time?" cz normally he will purposely leave the house later than the time he told me so that I have more time to prepare.
Cz you knw, girls always need more time xD
So I walked down to his car and he gimme a bottle of collagen, and said, happy birthday this is your present! hahaha~ xD

Then he took this bouquet of flower from the side of his seat, I be like "OMG OMG!!" cz i remember i once told him i wish to receive a flower in every meaningful occasion (as in a flower not a bouquet) xD
and cz my birthday falls on the day before we go to bangkok so in the day before my bday, he's like:"I really plan to buy you flower but we are leaving malaysia in the next day of ur birthday, if i buy you flower, you will only be able to look at and hold it for one day and when we're back, it's wilted wor" I felt, ya right, a bit wasted.

So I assume no flower, but but there's flower!! I was suprised and I nearly teared T_T
Then he said, he purposely go to publika to buy flower before coming to my house.
The day before my birthday was a holiday so he couldn't get it that day, shops are closed~
No wonder he reached so early! Then I asked how he knows there's a florist shop there?
He said, I saw it that day when I acc you to do ur hair~ oh dear, always full of ideas aren't you?

Then he took the card from the side of my seat, and took the present out from the bottom of my seat.
Really magician, my surprises are everywhere hahaha~ I'm pretty sure he planned it xD eeeeiikkk
And he said, please don't expect so much from the bday cz he really gt no budget. I be like, no I won't as long as u got "心意" aka sincerity.

And I didn expect it to be a watch, haha, lie to me xD It's the watch that I like~
I like the silver plate border with glittery diamond-like dust underneath.
He said he ordered it online cz malaysia doesn't have it yet :O

Gift wrapping skill improved :3

The berber~ :3

The not ready me being captured. o_o
Whenever I asked him to take a picture of me, he likes to take candid in a row and it results a lot of my weird unnatural face expressions D: oh my silly faces x(

We had our early lunch in this place called Palsaik Korean BBQ Restaurant located at Mont Kiara.
We reached there really early and we are the first customer of their shop that day.
The combination of the meat and the vege wrap is awesomeeee~

The set we ordered was 12 different taste of meat. Scrumptious~ yummm~
I like the seafood soup as well!

They helped us to grill it~
That glorious smell of meat~ hello fats xD but who cares~

Then we headed to pyramid to get my umbrella~
Need an umbrella for bangkok trip cz i felt it's gonna be hot/raining~

Then berber brought me to the place with best curry he said at night~
felt so blissful to have curry in a rainy weather~
and the happy day ended~

os: I'm berber and taking blurry pic is my talent xD

Will blog about my Thailand trip in the next post! Stay Tuned! :3

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Start Fresh

Hello there, my sweethearts.
Since it has been a while for me to blog, I decided to have a spring clean.
I've changed my blog design and cleaned up some of my old posts.

Welcome back. :)

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