Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sadness over losing my belt

I have this gold bar belt that can match so well with loose dresses.
The colour, the bar, the size, the length and the height of the bar, they match so well with each other that, i will specially put this belt nicely in the wardrobe so that i won't lose it.
Because it's hard to find a piece that can match so well with other outfit.

Now, it's gone.
Don't know how and when it's gone.
I keep searching every corner in my house, i even go up n downstairs, but i cant find it.
I asked my fren if i drop it in her car, i feel so so sad when she said she searched the car but she didn find anything.
I know it's a silly thing to cry over losing a belt but it meant so much to me.
Where to find such a perfect matching belt? This belt comes with a dress and it's not sold separately.
I searched on the web and i found this,

This is what i am struggling with now.
Things are things, but... It's not easy when u lose something u like so much.

If he knows this he will be jaw drop, i cant sleep because of this, and i sit on my bed and sad like a tortoise who jz lost his shell.

i just cant figure out how i lost it, there is no way it's gone, and for real im tearing D: i hate the feeling of losing things.

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Friday, April 17, 2015





有时候防守越多就伤害越大,何不坦坦荡荡地做自己,那些无建设性伤害你的字句,少听几句也算是一分心里的清静;那些对你好的人,加倍对他好,加以珍惜。别人不想理你就别硬着头皮委屈自己对他好,希望要他也对你好。有喜欢你的人自然就会有不喜欢你的人,他不喜欢你那是他的事,说得好像他喜欢你就会增值你的人生似的 xD


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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My Life Didn't Please Me, So I Created My Life





没事,不过又领悟了一些罢了 :)

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Sunday, March 29, 2015



内伤咧,不好治 xD

要是真的也挺好,开口就变富翁 xD

我对你好你当我草,我怎么可以当得了草呢,我好歹也是花,稀有的那种 =_= (怎样啦,你有意见吗)

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Saturday, March 28, 2015



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Wednesday, March 18, 2015



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Monday, March 16, 2015

Day 2

Finally can continue on working out after waiting for my body to recover.
Sweating makes me happy and it helps me to relieve my stress at the same time.
Continue to exercise continuously can help to build my stamina which I am starting to see it.
I would do more if my body allows me to :)
Continue to gambateh neh~

Health comes first right?

I am sorry for not posting photos as frequent as I did last time because I am yet to get a new camera.
I have this very tiny wish that I wish I could achieve and one day I'll be able to let you guys know :)
Soon, I wish.

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Friday, March 13, 2015

开始噜~ Day 1

休息的时候妹妹用嫌弃的眼神对我说:“你真的要从最最basic的stamina开始练起,such as walking”
人家好歹以前也是舞蹈社的咯 T___T
是怎样啦,桑心 (躲在角落画圈圈)
拉筋好舒服~ 喝完牛奶睡觉去~ :D

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Sunday, March 08, 2015

Me and You

I said, "It's our monthsary, don't you wanna say something sweet to me?" (expecting something like you are so beautiful to me etc etc)

He said, "... ..." "I love you ❤"
Me laughing,"You're really bad at sweet talk don't you xD"
Him, "Ya, super bad at it"

But one thing he will never know is, that 3 words are the sweetest thing I have ever heard from him. :')

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Saturday, March 07, 2015

I don't need to understand?

I hate it when people raise their voice talking to me when they are impatient.
You ain't got no right to talk to me like that, nor giving me a command and disallow me to question that.
I am not your dog who just take your command and do it without knowing the circumstances.
How hard does it take for you to speak to me what's in your mind.
You do have something in your head, whether your decision depends after my result findings about the tasks u gave me or not.
They just expect I do it and shut up, son of a bitch.
I don't like taking orders as if I am nobody to you, that you can don't give a shit about me when you command me.
I don't like whatever it feels.

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Passion and Love

If you are passionate about something
Failure won't stop you from doing what you want
You will just figure out another way to do it

People can only change you, when you are not certain and not believing in yourself.

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Friday, January 16, 2015

People are kepoh

Most of the time, people are just personally judgemental but not rationally judgemental.
You judge based on what you know and what you see, but in fact u know nothing. 
These people are just being busybody of trying to fit themselves into a situation that they dun even belong in.
Do u think they are really interested in knowing the truth?
No, they jz wanna giv comment on other ppl's life as if they know it all.
You don't live other people's life, so u cant assume ppl to think it from ur way.
Sometimes, comments are not necessary when it comes to personal life, seriously.
Please respect other ppl's privacy.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Panadol actifast那种size已经是极限了。
别人是不会懂我吃药的难处,再加上,如果还说什么“照顾好来不生病不就好了”的风凉话,老娘是会生气,“啊你讲的这些老娘是不知道啊?谁不知道照顾自己很重要,就别告诉我你一辈子当中照顾好身体就0%几率生病啊?到时你是不用吃药不用看医生就自然好啊?” 不会把事情变好的话我宁愿你不说,you are not helping the situation,况且接下来要怎么办那是我的事。



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Monday, December 29, 2014

The doctor that made me speechless

I was awake by hunger so I woke up and cooked myself some porridge.
Since I have some energy for this I should share with you guys about this.
So last friday, my body felt so bad that I had to go to a clinic nearby my office.
Which is great because I thought if I was sick on friday I have my weekend to recover, call me a workaholic or what, I stayed at the office even I'm so fking sick as if I was infected by some sorta apocalypse virus or what.
But my body gets worse after two days, it's not getting any better.
The medicine that the doctor gave me last friday was useless, completely useless. Not only the medicine but the process totally made me speechless.
When I first entered the room, he started to ask me question like how I feel and I told him I have fever and slight cough etc.
Then he started to check my pulse and this is the part I started to feel weird, cz when he took away his finger, he didn't take it away in one shot, he slide it from my pulse spot towards my fingers, then only he take it away. =_= It might just be me being over-sensitive or what, but it felt so uncomfortable, at least be more alert when you're treating a female patient.
It's even weirder when he asked me, "how do you know you are on fever?" DAFUQ? because people touched my forehead and they know it's hot? and I can feel it too? hey, u have a thermometer right, why don't you use your thermometer and check my body temperature to see whether my assumptions are right or wrong? #^$#!@ some more after all the process until now also you haven't check my body temperature, where got doctor like that one? just check it yourself I guess this will be an answer to you whether I'm on fever or not?
Then there's this process that normal doctor will do, that they asked you to breathe and check it with a stethoscope.
Felt so uncomfortable again cuz he keeps on hitting on my arm and said, "somemore, somemore" fk la, I already felt so uncomfortable you still force me by hitting me, say properly cannot is it? TBH, where got doctor asked patient to breathe by slightly hitting them one.
Ok, then when it comes to the medicine part, he only gave me peracetamol, cough pills and some throat relieving candy(?)
Boo, the worst medicine I have received so far, it's just like, it doesn't come in a complete set, somemore cost me RM49 =___= so expensive for these 3 useless medicine.
I've been for doctors since I was a small kid(like a frequent visitor), ok la, not like I'm super best friend with them la, but from how they talk to me and how they give me medicine I know how effective it's gonna be, this doctor makes me feel like he's so bored and annoyed by his job that he's treating his patient like "none of my business".
So in the end I have to visit another doctor and spend extra money just because of the complete ineffective medicine he gave me and now, some more it affects my organs =_=
To those who may concern, the clinic that I went is the one located at damansara perdana, its name starts with an "R". I will suggest you to go for other alternatives than going there to avoid waste of money and waste of time being consulted by a doctor who will ask you question like, "why do you think you're on fever" =___=
I am just mad cuz I could have been recovered in two days time, now it elongated my sick period, felt so not worth it.
Felt so unhappy for not being able to do anything other than lying on the bed for the past two days.
Guess I will still have to keep resting until I feel better.

Ok, I have finished my porridge, have to go back to sleep now.
Until then, ciaoz~

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I Know

I know, mostly everything.
Just that sometimes taurus decided to be stupid for the sake of happiness.

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