Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Time Concern

Sorry guys, something is up and I have no choice but to revert back to the old design until I have time to fully focus on it and sort it out.
I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused and thanks for understanding. D:

Thursday, April 10, 2014


- put a smile on your face that brightens up your day -

Eheeeheee~ Eyyoooo my apricot banana pies~ I'm here again~
My life was pretty much about web web web recently~
I am having a graduation exhibition soon, so I'm really busy~
Im going to show you guys this small part of the homepage~ (the last version of it before it's finalized)
This is the 4th or 5th version~ ONLY homepage~
The thing with layout is, a minor change is still a big change and it will create a different look and feel~

This reminds me of a stall :D

This and the bottom one remind me of the paper thermometer~

This looks like a really cute paper strip tho~ :D

Come up with this accidentally and it reminds me of twitter uhmagawd~ that's why I didn't use it~ haha

The final one, simple and straightforward~ clear and nothing complicated~ *matching identity*
and we changed the colour and graphic element placement a lil bit~

To be honest, I'm really happy~
We have been working so many tears and sweats, and it's finally up~
and we're grateful for seeing these comments :') thank youuuu~
*I've covered some of the personal info for privacy purpose*

The web thinggy is a hectic that even bobby scolded me for caring too much about it~ bobby, I'm not sorryyyyy xD
I know I pissed him off sometimes but I know what I am doing. He understand one la~ No matter how pissed I am, when I lift this up, I must be strong enough to hold it until the end, until it's done.
I'm just expressing cuz I need to express (LOL, seems legit)
After that, I shud be alright and back to work~
I ain't kid no more, and I won't play this kinda childish game called, I won't talk to you anymore, I won't bother you anymore.
Cuz this won't help at all, it'll only make it worse~~

So this is going to be last post that's related to CNY~ hahaha~
I dunno if I shared this before? Did I? Did I not?
Bobby purposely brought this back for me cuz I like mi-cheng a lot~
it's a kinda rice biscuits~ dayummm~
At first I tot he'll only giv me one, but he gave me two, I finished both :B

and we hang gai gai on chor... sei?
I forgot~ my brain is going to burst for tracking back things that happened 2 months ago~ x(

Bobby no like photo~
Nice angle that I capture~
And bobby always said he looks fierce in photo, no la bobby, u whr got fierce in photo only, u fierce in real person also la ahaahaahaaaaaaaa XD

Me like tea~ Pu-er is naisss~

My pork rice~ is awesome~~~~

This photo ended up to be really nice cuz of the lighting~
purposely blurred it cuz somebody camera-shy~

then we go get some drinks at Coffea Coffee~~~
me with my hot lemon tea~ feeling great~~

the cup is really hot and bobby always took my photo when I'm not ready~
and when I'm ready, he's not taking~ and then we managed to get this photo accidentally~
"it's hot, faster" I said.  XD

That day was really funny cuz we encountered some silly stuffs~
Bobby was walking out from the toilet, a teenager bumped into him, and then when he lifted his head up, he said, "sorry boss!!" Bobby was stunt and when he told me this, I was laughing hysterically~
And when he looked at himself at the mirror, he said, "Now I know why edi" hahaha~
dun play play with bobby~ he's not someone that everyone can handle~

Then we bought herbal drinks as usual at Gong Wo Tong
I like drinking mm fa cha (五花茶), and I know he's going to buy me wong lou gat~
So I said, "Can I not drink wong lou gat??"
Him, "CANNOT" firmly he said.
The herbal tea is really bitter, he asked me in a playful way, "is it nice~~~~?"
me nodded my head forcefully, "n..nice.."
and then he said, "AHAHA, so panai, telling the truth~~~~ (真好的jek,讲实话)"

he wanna watch robocop initially but no seat~
so we watched the journey, I didn't know what movie is that but I said I wanna watch that movie~
then bobby looked at me after I told him this, stunt, with a smirk on his face "You dunno what movie is this but we bought the tickets????"
then before the movie starts, he's so unsure, and teased me like, "给别人骗来看一部不懂是什么的戏" hahaha, that face~
I'm shocked too when he showed me that face, made me unsure also~ im thinking, how la if it turns out to be a bad movie~~
but luckily!! it's a nice movie that I wanted to watch when I saw the trailer~ xD just that I dunno it's that movie~

eheehee~ reached home kinda late~
Walked down from the car and I saw one big dog~ UHHHMAAGAWDDDD
I walked like a u-turn immediately!
Bobby, "He won't bite u one la"
Me, "But I scared" UHHH MY HEARTBEAT x(
Then he helped to shoo that dog away
Actually I have phobia on stray dogs, I was nearly bitten by a stray dog last time so I'm really scared.
But everytime when bobby shoo the dog away for me, he shoo it in a very scary way... then I'll feel guilty for the dog...
But I remember bobby told me, if he's not scary, the dog won't go away.
Such a contradicting feeling for dogs.. I love dogs actually...
Bobby's expression was kinda rush that time, and asked me to go really quick.
I was walking in a fast speed, then I heard a voice of him, "Don't run".
I didn't know he was watching me at the back.
I felt safe, at that moment.

There's one of this day in a week that I am really piled up with works and I needed to relax~
So I called bobby to hang out~ it's an impromptu meet up~ heehee~
him, "whr got ppl like this one~~ dun let ppl got xin li zhun bei"

Asking bobby to take picture of me is a struggle~
Only he will capture my weird and ugly talking faces, like this
"Are you taking the photo already????"

Bobby looking great that day with his new cap and new shirt~
me likey that shirt~!! :D

Le me~~ le happy face me as usual~ XD

Bobby was in loved with A|X that time so this is me waiting him while he's trying his clothes on~
lovin my skirt~

I remember when we're eating, I said I wanna order honeydew sago
but he said we're leaving cuz finish eating d, so I was like ok~ I'm going to eat it next time when I go to that place~
then when I was drinking the tea for last sip, bobby stood up and walked to the counter WTH!!
So I put down the cup!
Whr got ppl leave the place like this without telling each other one!
Then he told me he's going to the cashier, not leaving. SHXT, even like that also not right la... need to tell la at least, doesn't feel great at all, so bad, so freaking bad.
So, I didn't manage to drink tea.
Then I wanna go to a shop and he walked straight passed it, I was like...
"Bobby, you zok dui with me one izzit??? Dun let me eat sago, dun let me drink tea, dun let me go into that shop, dun let me eat hui lau shan, dun let me sing k" T____T This guy freaking bullied me laaaaa
I was really mou noi ahhhh...
Then after that, bobby brought me to sing k~ eheeeheeeheee~~
it's a surprise that there're so many ppl singing karaoke at 12am :B
then then, both of us are really tired~

I think telling someone you have reached home is important cuz that's the way to show that u're safe.
That day I was up thr a lil bit late and bobby called me if I'm home~
BUT BUT BUT, bobby won't automatically tell me he's home one worrrr
Last time got la, when I sent him I'm homed, he'll reply when he's home
but now totally dun hav, like alive or dead also dunno, really dai gak lai see
making ppl worry somemore
but he doesn't like ppl care about him one, so if I asked him this I sure kena, "Worry what?? I won't die so easy de la"
This is why I have been calling him idiot all the time. =A= eeeeeikkkk

Then then, this is the day when we're supposed to go for career fair~~
but bobby saw there're a lot of ppl so didn go O_O soooo random

Had lunch at Nichinan~
Sitting outside cuz inside no more seat~
Great lighting tho :B

Lovin my eyes here~~ xD

Bobby no happy that day~
He tak song when he saw me wearing that~ I brought a pink blazer~
then he said, "I dunno it's me going for career fair, or u going for career fair"
and he always said, "I dunno why when u're so afraid of cold u still wanna wear top with two straps only" *last time i wear cardigan he also comment duo duo*
"Wear something you are comfortable with la"
To be honest, what I wear he also commented~ yim jim~
The thing is, I dun hav many t-shirts, OHHHHH, buy t-shirt for me for my birthday la~~ see, I'm so smart xD
Pyjamas is the only thing he won't comment~~ Next time I wear pyjamas la, the most comfortable one~~~~~~ =3=

bobby likes eating ramen~~

my tempura set~~ yummm

and his awesome looking sushi~

Went to pet shop to buy treats for bobby's doggie~
Bobby bought them yummy looking sticks~ ahaha~
and he told me they loved it when he brought it home~

my crazy potato~ I love fries~

me, "I'm hungryyyy, I wanna eat cream puff"
him, "no"
me, "OMG, Crazy potato!!!"
him, "ok la ok la"
then at the cashier, me taking my purse,
him, "not I pay???"
me, "no la, I pay, I want your permission to let me eat only~ eheehee"

Then at the car park, he returned me back the money I paid him back for rabbit's pellets~
I insisted I dun wan, he said, "if u dun hav enough money, u must say u know!!!" he scared i got no money after I returned him~
he sounds like a daddy all of a sudden~ ah lui ah lui xD
but no la, I dun take his money~ cuz i owe him, must pay back la wth~~~

yeaaaaap, so that marks all the three outings with him~~
bobby, although we quarrelled a lot, although there are times that we make each other sad, but there's one thing that will never change~

It's that...

You're still a jerk~ :B
*run away*

Relax laaa~ I have been listening to this song recently xD

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

My Heart, My Pride

也不当个正经八百的假老人 :3




1. 冲劲、动力

2. 自立

3. 休息

4. 初衷

5. 知足

6. 宽恕



Thursday, March 27, 2014

Life is a Domino

#tilted head #tilted view #we should learn to see things from different angles :D
#loving my brows :3

Ello my dumplings~ I am back with pictures~~ wwww
The problem of having two laptops is that --- the separation between formal and informal~
I used to store all my personal pictures in this old laptop and I find it's the most comfortable to type using this laptop keypad~
So whenever I come out with a post *especially with pictures or event*, I will use this laptop~
But, it has been a while since I touched this laptop cuz I have been carrying my another laptop back and forth for formal work~
So~~~ I am sorry if you didn see my face too much~ I apologized~~

I would like to make a compliment of what I experienced today~ It's so heartwarming~
I have been a loyal customer of Domino's Pizza since years ago~
So, I ordered delivery of domino's pizza through phone call and the one who in charged of the phone calling is so damn NICE~~~~ UH MAAAA GADDDD~
He talked to me in a welcoming way, with a warm greeting, with a cheerful and passionate voice~ He's so friendly!!
The way he asked and the way he answered my question is so lovely!! *Unlike those deadly sound of phone customer service*
AHAHA~ this is so weird like I am obsessed with his voice, but no, hey! This makes me feel so good that, "WHOAA, MALAYSIA HAS THIS KIND OF CUSTOMER SERVICE, NOT BAD!!" So freaking nice!!
Even when he ended the order, he ended it with a happy voice~
Him, "So do you have others to add on, miss?"
Me, "Nope~ I think that's all~ heehee *my symbolic laugh*"
Him, "*Laughing back* Ok thank you for xxxxxx, my name is xxxx, have a nice day, thanks for choosing domino's pizza" imagine he said this like those workers u saw in American TV shows~
The ordering phone conversation sounds like I'm just chatting with a friend haha~
I can feel it~ It feels like he is enjoying his work~
His name is jora, john, joan, jowan, jireh, jack, je-eh, ji-ah, zen, I dunno, I couldn't hear his name clearly~ haha~
But he answered my phone around 8pm, and I think he shud get a compliment from his manager or something! hahaha~
He deserves some sorta worker awards~ :P

And this is how I look one month ago~ :P
Ehhhh~~~~~~ do u guys still remember cny?
hahaha~ so long ago~ here's a throwback of CNY chor yee~~
Back to wa-ma house, which is my mommy's mother~
haha~ my fringe was so short, it's at the right length that time~
it's now growing longer~ it will cover my eyes if i place it same like this photo XD

Really sick that day, I didn even put any make up on~
*my bare face* *mm gam yuen hei san*

at wa-ma's house~ *gambling* kids outside xD
my very cute and naughty cousin~ hahaha~ he's so lovable~

After a long gambling, we went 2nd round with granny to lou sang~
Yee sang yee sang~ feng sang shui hei~~ :D
I dun actually eat yee sang, cuz i dun find it tasty~
but~ it's a tradition that we keep on doing~
I enjoy the moment when we used our chopsticks to mix the ingredients~ that's the fun part~ the higher the better xD

then after some delicious cny dinner~ we went home~
as time passed by, I realized that I dun really take much pictures compared to last time~
I'm more keen on enjoying the moment, remembering the moment, talking to people, instead of busy taking selfshots~
because that's not the main point afterall~
we can only meet some relatives once in a year~
and without noticing, time passed so fast that, they're all grown up~
from a small kid i saw them last year, and now, some of my cousins have reached puberty~

afterall, my CNY was about sleeping on my bed for days xD because I was sick
There's this weird aftermath that my taste buds are so sensitive to spicy food. Even a normal curry ball will choke me~ I can't eat spicy food anymore~
Even sweet stuffs taste sweeter after my flu~ x(

The angpaus I received this year~ haha~ yeap yeap~
vincci angpau is sooo nice~~ xD
*felt so guilty, now only post angpau~ i cham kuai xD*

Time doesn't wait but money counts.
My next target needs money~
That enthusiasm, will never die. And I know, I will get it back.
I will never forget the first time having you in my hand.
I love it, I can't deny.
And thank you, for inspiring me, for reminding me.
But before this, let me get a temporary.
A phone camera? Yes. I have made my decision. :)

And everything, starts with the surroundings.

p/s: I like heart-to-heart, the problem with hiding and guessing is that they create problems that don't even exist. You get nothing no matter you get it right or wrong. It's not a textbook. This is a human thing. :)

Saturday, March 22, 2014


话说,我最近才有时间看《来自星星的你》 *Bobby给我的~嘿嘿*
到底怎么拍啊~ 看到腿软~ 23层楼高~



* * * * * *


If someone said, "OH? You're still listening to that song? It's an old song."
Imma gonna go, "OH? You're still eating bread? It's invented 30,000 years ago."
#imsuchagenius #myquote xD

I am looking the pictures in my folders and wondering when would I have time to post them up, arghhh :(

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Instax Fever

I am obsessively in love with Instax mini 8 suddenly~~!!! AAAHHHH!!
I know, I know, this has been released for a long while~
I know, I know, there are already a lot of ppl using it, but I don't have such interest on it previously~
I don't even bother much when ppl use it~ u know~ u know~~
I didn't know what triggers me~ arghhhhh~~

There are 3 colours in my mind that I really like~ I would scream when I look at it~ aigooooooo~~!!!

Colour 1 - Sweet and Girly Pink!!
So soft~ and so dreamy~ I.CANNOT.RESIST!!

Colour 2 - Cheerful and Energetic Yellow!!
Yellow looks so delicious~ I can chew on it *oopsie :P* did I say chew???
I love how it looks so HAPPY and HYPER~ Yellow reminds me of happiness and warmth!!

Colour 3 - Mysterious and Elegant Black!!
Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous~ Reminds me of Lomo Camera~
I know there's a mini 90, but I love this, I dun like mini 90 :B
Look at the body~~ look at the beautiful black~  ADORABLE!!

Arghhhhh I want one so badly~~
Why you so chio~~~?
Why I no see you in the first place?
Polaroids~~~ come come~ come to me~~
You are just too cute to be true~
OMG~ I like it so much that I can cryyyyyyy~ *huuuu huuuu huuuuuu*

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